All of my life I’ve been searching for beauty inside and outside as well, which naturally led me to fashion design which is much more than just a job for me. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and varies in accordance to places.

Since I was born in Sarajevo and raised in Austria, I have tried to take the best things from east and west and create the combination of these cultures in equal shares. I had often been searching for dresses to wear on special occasions, but rarely found what I had fancied, So I decided to design them for myself. Thus, the story of my career as a fashion designer began.

My creations are reflections of my character and my emotions, through which I speak and share my feelings and passions with others. The dresses are meant to convey a touch of sex appeal yet without profanity.They follow the line of the body, expressing femininity with details that give them also a touch of glamour.

Amira Pertesi